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Marine Way Market (Burnaby, BC, Canada): Do Something Beautiful


Resource Stewardship in Use: stormwater and heat island management
Financial Stewardship: integrated parking and stormwater design increased rentable space
Aesthetics: attractive surfacing enhances customer experience and expectations

Aesthetics is what moved Westbank Projects Corporation to use approximately 350,000 ft2 (3.2 ha) of PICP (permeable interlocking concrete pavers) at Marine Market Way (Fig. 1). The project, completed in Spring 2007, boasts nearly 100% occupancy. By combining parking and detention under the 1161-space parking lot, permeable pavement created a bit more rentable space and matched unique building entrances and light fixtures.

Atlantic Times Square Project, Monterey Park, CA


Resource Stewardship in Supply Chain: reduced materials in placement using shotcrete
Financial Stewardship: speed of construction

This large, mixed-use development project had an extremely tight construction schedule—the contractor had to place walls very quickly. As shown in Fig.1, shotcrete provided the solution: walls used one-sided formwork, shotcrete was applied, and then the free surface was finished by hand. Forms were then moved to the next wall and reused. With a trailer pump on site twice a week, between 80 and 130 yd3 (61 and 99 m3) of concrete could be shot in an average 8- to 10-hour day.

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Concrete bridges can withstand extreme forces without collapse.

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